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I know I have already created an account for myself or my individual and I cant remember my password.

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I am new to PC Workshop or am signing up for digital pay stubs for the first time.

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I can already access the pay stubs online with my password and username, but would like to print them.

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The information on this page is not helpful and/or I am confused or stuck.

Signing Up For Digital Pay Stubs

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PC Workshop has chosen to use BRSW as their provider for payroll services. To get your login credentials you will need to complete the following form. Once complete, our staff will contact BRSW. BRSW will send you an invitation to create a pay stub portal login. This process may take some time. Please be patient and check your email regularly. 

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Resetting My Password

Resetting your password is easy and can be done without contacting support if you have your login/username and email. If you have these things follow the steps below. If not you will need to contact BRSW and not PC Workshop; Call or Text:(419) 399-3686.

  1. Click this text to go to the BRSW pay stub login.

  2. Select ¨Forgot password?¨

  3. Enter your login and email, Then select if you would like to reset your password by receiving an email or by answering the security questions you selected when creating your BRSW account. After all blanks have been completed select ¨OK¨ and you will be guided through the password reset process.

  4. Make sure to write down your new password and store it in a safe place.

Printing Pay Stubs

***In an effort to keep employee information more secure, and to streamline the pay process, paper pay stubs will not be provided by PC Workshop unless the employee is under the age of 18 as required by state law.***

You are welcome to print the pay stubs yourself. Simply follow the directions below. 

  1. Click this text to go to the BRSW pay stub login and enter your login credentials.

  2. After logging in you will be directed to a page with all your PC Workshop pay stubs from the 12/10/2021 pay period and on. For previous pay stubs contact us for support. Find the pay stub you are searching for and click it. You will automatically be directed to a printable version of the pay stub.

  3. Search for the printer Icon on your screen and select it to print your pay stubs.

Contact Us For Support

Need additional help setting up your pay stub account or accessing pay stubs for another individual? Contact us during weekday business hours using the information below.


900 W Caroline St

Paulding, OH 45879

Thanks for submitting!

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