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First and foremost, we are a group of like-minded people who believe the same thing...kindness matters.  Limitless is the brain-child of our people who were frustrated of having to "fit inside the box" of typical jobs.  They decided to create what they wanted to see.  So, we started a store in the community of Paulding!!!  We buy trucks of Items from several popular stores and can offer them at about half the price of retailers!  Now, getting a paycheck for something we LOVE instead of what is forced upon us is now a reality!!! Our clients sort items, price them, display them, create artwork, learn to use the register, and get to offer something incredible to their own community.  So, please come shop with us or just come say hi!  Spread the word...that life is LIMITLESS. 

900 W Caroline St, Paulding, OH 45879

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