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Disabled People Working PC Workshop

Limitless Goals

Disabled People Working PC Workshop

Limitless Friendships

Disabled People Working PC Workshop

Limitless Life

Why Choose PC Workshop?

We offer a variety of services for people with disabilities.  We believe that everyone is capable of working...maybe at a job, maybe on ourselves, but the end goal is to live our best lives and inspire others to do the same.  At PC Workshop, we create our best lives through work experiences, job training, life skill development and transition services from a school or home to a work setting.  We offer this for people with disabilities on a waiver in Paulding, Van Wert, Putnam, Defiance, Henry, and Williams counties.  Don't know if you or your loved one is on a waiver?  Need more info?  Call 419.399.4805 today!

Available Programs

Transitional Services

Unsure about what is next?  Come find out with us!  We help clients transition from school to work, home to job training, and truly create a personalized track for every person.

Disabled People Working PC Workshop

Did you know we work with area schools to offer a school to work program? Participation in this program can earn participants the credits needed to graduate. Transition services are a coordinated set of outcome-oriented activities for a student that promotes the shift (or transition) from school to work or post-school activities. The coordinated set of activities is based on a student’s needs, preferences, and abilities. PC Workshop offers an individually tailored program for students. PC will work with existing supports within the school systems to develop programming that best benefits each student. They may include: instruction and related services, community experiences, development of employment, post-school adult living objectives, daily living skills instruction, and functional vocational evaluation.

Vocational Habilitation

Develop empowering work skills from paid training to technology classes and more! 

Disabled Person Working PC Workshop

We believe that people thrive when they are serving something bigger than themselves.  We aim to create something amazing for those around us, and learn valuable social, vocational, analytical skills in the process!  Vocational Habilitation helps individuals gain important skills for community employment and daily living. You must be self-pay or be on a Medicaid waiver through the county board to receive these services, but you will likely have the opportunity to train in paid positions.

Adult Day Services

Learn life skill and curate self-discovery through community fun! ADS is a loving group of individuals who are ready to take on the day!

Disabled Person Having Fun PC Workshop

Are you looking for a place to socialize and have a better life with people that care about you?  We are that place!  

Fun is something we cannot go without. We offer quality staff that are more like family in an environment that is safe to be yourself!  We offer community experiences, a loving space, lots of room for calming and stemming.  Our daily activities include sensory projects, fine motor activities and community outings as we are able! 

Wellness Services

Learning, work, and worth can come from many places.  it does not have to be a classroom or a textbook. Learning comes from being at our best physically and emotionally!

Happy Disabled Person Paulding Ohio PC Workshop

We want to give people the opportunity to help others, to get matched up with sports teams, wellness mentors, community groups, and more. We believe this is how we heal, how we learn and how we live!  We are doing some amazing projects in the community and want you to be a part of it. This group is available to anyone who is a part of the other services offered by PC Workshop.  You may also enroll solely in PC Workshop Wellness Services.  This service is available for topicals in high school with self-pay or school covered expenses or clients on Medicaid waivers through the county board. Welcome to the community and family!

Note that clients may be eligible to join one of our handicap accessible transportation routs for transport from home to work! Transport runs to Paulding Main, Paulding ADS, and the Defiance location.

Book A Tour

We recommend consulting your SSA before booking a tour. On the tour of our facilities you will learn more about our programs and what PC Workshop has to offer you.

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