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Limitless Building History

Paulding is a limitless place to live! We are proud to preserve the history of our store and hope that you can help us! Any photos or information on our building can be sent to us on Facebook, our website, or emailed to Below is what we have so far...

Straw's Block Construction 1891-1895

Construction on the Straw's block started in 1891 by W.F. Straw (Born 1833). The building was the final and largest brick building to be constructed on the block. Straw had previously owned a hardware store, a mill, and a deer farm housed in the woods surrounding the fairgrounds. The building was W.F. Straw's retirement investment. The building was constructed for the following original tenants:

1st Floor (Divided Into Three Spaces) - Remage & Dix Drugs, Dr. L. L. Hebenthal (On Corner) and Offices (South Side).

2nd Floor - Town Dance Hall

3rd Floor - Original Masonic Loge (Relocated to current home of Union Bank)

Screenshot 2023-02-22 114211.png

Remage & Dix Drugs

1892, Building Unfinished


Other Early Tenants

The Straw Building was one of the largest on the square

and newspapers note that at times there were over 13

offices/businesses operating out of the building simultaneously. 

Below are just a few of the organizations we know of. 


First Floor

-Remage & Dix Drugs (Corner Store), 1895-1918

-Paulding Saloon (Center Store), 1895-1901

-Richard's Boots and Shoes Store (South Store), 1895-1914,

Richards was evicted and all the contents/store was operated

by Straw.

-Furniture Store (South Store), 1901-1905

-Men's Clothing Store (Center Store), 1907

-Women's Clothing Store (South Store), 1907

-Boots and Shoes Store (Center Store), 1913

-Dry Goods Store (South Store), 1913-1914

-Crowell Furniture (South Store), 1915

-L.A. Greer Drug Store (Corner Store), 1918-1965

-Cassel's Furniture(Entire Floor), 1966-1980

Second Floor

-Town Dance Hall, 1892

-Jackson Real Estate Office (Partial), 1894

-Bloakburn & Crosby Attorneys at Law (Partial), 1894

-W.M. Moorehead Real Estate (Partial), 1905

-Cowell Undertaking, 1915

-Cassel's Furniture (1955-1980)

Third Floor

-Masonic Lodge, 1893-Early 1900's

-Likely Storage For Lower Renters For Extended Period

Screenshot 2023-02-22 114415.png
Paulding County Republican, Page3, 1922-12-21-1.png
Other 1908.JPG
Paulding Progress, Page10, 1958-11-13-1.png

Don & Perry's Furniture Store

Moved from prior location on November 1, 1981 - Closed December 2022

Don & Perry's was the first business to ever occupy and utilize all 3 floors of the building.

Paulding Progress, Page6, 1981-10-21-1.png

Limitless Sales By PC Workshop

Purchased 2-15-2023. Store opening date TBD.

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