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Let's Make Life Limitless

About Us

We are a non-profit 501(c) 3 working to teach clients how to work and live in the community while they teach us a thing or two! Learn more about PC Workshop, the services we offer, and the people we serve. We are here to make life limitless for you and your community.

Our Store

Visit our retail location in historic downtown Paulding, Ohio. Our clients work in our warehouse, sort items, price items, build furniture, hang clothing, run the register, provide excellent service, and more! Every purchase helps us support the individuals we serve, making life more limitless for people with developmental disabilities!

Shop Online

Want to support our mission without having to leave your home? Shop Limitless Sales from across the globe. We offer a wide selection of products from some of America's biggest retailers.

Have You Seen Our Blog?

See artwork, messages from our clients, newsletters, and official announcements from the workshop when you view our blog.

A Disabled Person Typing

Making Life Limitless

We believe in people, in our communities, and that we have the power to shape our communities. Regardless of who you are, you are CAPABLE of creating change! Our vision is that we can be in every county we serve in some capacity, helping to build what the community as a whole wishes to see with you at the very center of it! Whatever it is you want out of your life, we want to help you gain the confidence and skills to go for it!

Need Help Finding Resources?

We hope we can provide you with the resources you need. If we can't, we want to connect you to community organizations that can. Our resource center can help you live a limitless life!

Looking To Join The Family?

PC Workshop is dedicated to providing quality, flexible care for adults with disabilities. Our goal is to provide an environment of compassion and understanding, allowing each individual to reach their personal goals. Find more about first steps and services:

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