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Summer Vacation...

My Summer Vacation by Krystal Albright

I went on a vacation last September. I went on a cruise. Well actually two cruises, but today I’ll tell you about the first half of the vacation! The night before the cruise we were in a hotel. We got onto our suitcases to rearrange things, well we tried to get in the suitcase but somehow, we were locked out. I panicked as medication was in that suitcase. I can’t cruise without my medication. We researched how to break into our own lock. After about 20 minutes we finally was able to get into the suitcase. Finally, we can breathe!

On this ship there were 18 floors. Including a dry slide, ice skating rink, carousel, and much more!

Yes, you read right a dry slide, that’s what they called it. The slide started on deck 16, where they gave you instructions on how to go down the slide. You ended up on deck 6, so you went 10 floors in just a mater of a few seconds. It was faster that using stairs or an elevator! Inside the slide there was lights that blinked, that was really cool, and somehow, they were able to take a picture of you while you were going down the slide.

I did not realize that the first time. So, I had to go back down the slide again, just so I could buy a picture of myself. Then I was told the other side had different color lights, so I had to try the other slide.

 They even had robots making mixed drinks! I found that interesting, just to sit there and watch the robots make the drinks was funny. It seemed like they were a big hit on the ship. Two robots, one was named Mix, the other robot was named Mingle.

One morning we went to eat breakfast at Johnny Rockets, and we had to eat outside, apparently there was a bird in the restaurant. The workers would scream loud whenever the bird got close to them. They had to call animal control to help get the bird out of the restaurant. I never knew a cruise ship had animal control! Later on, I heard cruisers call the bird an owl. Then I heard around dinner time that it was a parrot. But I saw it, it looked like a black bird.

People bring rubber ducks to hide on the ships. We attached a piece of paper to the duck. The piece of paper has what ship you are on, the date of the sailing, what state the duck is from, and who it was traveling with. If you find a duck you can keep it or re-hide it. I found seven ducks, I found ducks in bushes, in hallways and even on our door. I’m thinking about letting some of the ducks I found go on another cruise and re-hiding them on a different ship.

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