I, Daniel Derck, lived the life of a regular, fun loving college kid in Atlanta, Georgia until Wham! Everything changed in a flash when I was hit by a van in July of 1988. I was slammed into a bridge abutment. I woke up from a coma close to 3 months later. Rehab became my initial life, BUT due to my extensive injuries, rehabilitation did not give me my body or my life back.  LOTS of money later, I was in a conundrum for my future.

  I landed in Ohio to begin living the life of a young man with severe physical disabilities. I was and still am in a wheelchair. I have a severe speech impediment that leaves me coming off as unintelligible. I have a traumatic brain injury.  As you see, when my good mind that is still intact is operating just fine, short circuits come my way making me choose wrong words, forget things and process info like it’s going through an obstacle course. My brain is like a computer that has been infected with a bunch of viruses. It might work ok, until it doesn’t and then you’re screwed. I can’t make a living being the gorgeous Fella I am either. This all takes a toll on ones sense of worth. Just when I felt all was forever lost, circumstances ( I say God), brought PC Workshop into my life.( Alias personal computer workshop.) They treated me with dignity and respect and value that I thought I had lost as a whole. Most people and places cannot get past my complicated issues. I am difficult to navigate. people need to piece me together. My mind. My body. My soul. I am a big puzzle that will never be put together ever again.  PC Workshop people showed me there is hope. I felt I could contribute to society. I felt the value again that I had so longed for. They are now assisting me with bringing the artistic designs I have in my mind to life. They help me breathe life into my designs so I can share them with others. I am not just a broken man anymore. I hope the designs I have  lurking in my mind will inspire those who come upon them. I reminisce of my Uncle Terry who showed me so much love and happiness. He has been long gone. He always said ONE DAY AT A TIME. That is my theme for life.... And my designs. The Sunshine line.... to bring a ray of hope to those who feel hopeless. I found God much like I found PC Workshop.  more to come on all of that ! Until then, ponder my Sunshine line and remember ONE DAY AT A TIME.

Please come check out some of Dan's newest work:


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My Summer Vacation by Krystal Albright

I went on a vacation last September. I went on a cruise. Well actually two cruises, but today I’ll tell you about the first half of the vacation! The night before the cruise we were in a hotel. We got onto our suitcases to rearrange things, well we tried to get in the suitcase but somehow, we were locked out. I panicked as medication was in that suitcase. I can’t cruise without my medication. We researched how to break into our own lock. After about 20 minutes we finally was able to get into the suitcase. Finally, we can breathe!

On this ship there were 18 floors. Including a dry slide, ice skating rink, carousel, and much more!

Yes, you read right a dry slide, that’s what they called it. The slide started on deck 16, where they gave you instructions on how to go down the slide. You ended up on deck 6, so you went 10 floors in just a mater of a few seconds. It was faster that using stairs or an elevator! Inside the slide there was lights that blinked, that was really cool, and somehow, they were able to take a picture of you while you were going down the slide.

I did not realize that the first time. So, I had to go back down the slide again, just so I could buy a picture of myself. Then I was told the other side had different color lights, so I had to try the other slide.

 They even had robots making mixed drinks! I found that interesting, just to sit there and watch the robots make the drinks was funny. It seemed like they were a big hit on the ship. Two robots, one was named Mix, the other robot was named Mingle.

One morning we went to eat breakfast at Johnny Rockets, and we had to eat outside, apparently there was a bird in the restaurant. The workers would scream loud whenever the bird got close to them. They had to call animal control to help get the bird out of the restaurant. I never knew a cruise ship had animal control! Later on, I heard cruisers call the bird an owl. Then I heard around dinner time that it was a parrot. But I saw it, it looked like a black bird.

People bring rubber ducks to hide on the ships. We attached a piece of paper to the duck. The piece of paper has what ship you are on, the date of the sailing, what state the duck is from, and who it was traveling with. If you find a duck you can keep it or re-hide it. I found seven ducks, I found ducks in bushes, in hallways and even on our door. I’m thinking about letting some of the ducks I found go on another cruise and re-hiding them on a different ship.

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Updated: Jun 23, 2020

My name is Damian David Ganger. I am 18 years old and I have quadreplegic CP and I am going to tell you about my life.

Some people have treated me badly during my life. Thankfully there have been good people too. Once, a teacher said that I would never be able to hold a baby and I was only in 7th grade. We were taking care of fake babies. You can imagine how it made me feel to have a teacher tell me I can’t hold a baby. Someday I would like to have a family and a baby. I know that I can do more than people think I can.

I have fetal alcohol syndrome. It is where my birth mom drank when she was pregnant with me. I am mad at her but I know there is a reason.

In school I had to fight to learn to read. All I wanted was to learn to read but there was never time at school. I had to go to therapy or the counselor’s office. In 5th grade, I had a good year. My teacher was so patient when she would teach me and the other kids. I did learn a lot from her. In a different school year some people have denied helping me go to the bathroom. They would tell me to hold it until I got home. People told me they did not have time during class or would ask me how long it would take. I would say I don’t know. Well, to me, you should not have that job if you don’t have time. In school I felt like no one ever listened to me or waited for my answers. I knew what I wanted and I knew what was going on but my teachers thought I didn’t.

I asked one of my teachers if she believed in God. I asked her, “How do you not know if I were sent here by God to test you guys and to see how you would treat me?” She did not understand. I feel like I understand God.

I am adopted. I came into this home 17 years ago. I don’t have any aunts or uncles, grandmas or grandpas on my adopted side. I have 2 brothers and 1 sister that I talk to and my mom and my dad passed away. My birthdad passed away.

I am glad I was adopted. It is hard because my hands don’t work right. I can’t even sit up by myself for more than a minute without being attended. I can’t stand up without another person either. I can’t even walk without my walker. I have to have people take care of me for daily tasks. I have to have help taking a shower, when eating, getting dressed, combing my hair, putting on deodorant, going to the bathroom and brushing my teeth. People should be happy they can move.

But I can go outside and train horses or ride horses. I go outside and ride my wheelchair up and down the driveway. I train my dog. I also listen to country songs. I am working on a dog training business very hard.

I am very smart and I am happy to say I am a part of PC Workshop. I am very happy I am a part of these guys now. I am going to make t-shirts for Limitless with a lot of dogs and things that are funny and will help someone.

I want everyone to know I cannot do everything by myself, but I can still do many things. You can do anything you want to do if you work hard and find the right people to help you.

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